Investigation and work with unwanted incidents to a large extent takes place in the same manner across different companies in the industry. Oil Gas Denmark encourages everyone to contribute to the sharing of own experiences with incidents, in order to ensure that knowledge and learning from incidents to a greater extent becomes available and searchable. Oil Gas Denmark has established the Lessons Learned tool to facilitate the above.

Other than contributing with lessons learned, you can simply browse the network for valuable lessons and find inspiration for preventing and handling incidents and other safety issues.

The value of the Lessons Learned network rely on your contributions
We strongly encourage you to share your lessons and help making Lessons Learned a relevant safety tool. Your contributions to lessons learned can be filled into the template as found on the right or simply sent to

Getting access to Lessons learned
To get access to this exclusive network, please request at password at

If you already have the password, simply log in by clicking the ‘Lessons Learned’ at the top of the page