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As the UK pursues a long-term process to decarbonise our society, we will need substantial amounts of oil and gas. Gas will assist, for example, the transition away from coal powered generation. Low-carbon transport is unlikely to replace all petrol and diesel vehicles for two or more decades. Britain’s energy security and long-term economic performance will benefit hugely from maintaining the health of this key industrial sector.

The Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy was launched on 28th March 2013 and has the following aims:

  • To maximise the economic production of the UK’s offshore oil and gas resources;
  • To sustain and promote the growth of the UK industry’s supply chain, in both domestic and international markets;
  • To promote purposeful collaboration across industry and between industry and Government.

The UK Government is committed to working with the oil and gas industry to create the right conditions to maximise opportunity and investment to the benefit of the whole UK economy. By utilising the strength and scale of the UK we can ensure that the energy sector as a whole continues to thrive and deliver. Stephen Marcos Jones will discuss how the strategy was devised and, perhaps the even greater challenge, how it will be successfully implemented.

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As Business Development Director of Oil & Gas UK, Stephen Marcos Jones is committed to ensuring high quality membership engagement and the promotion of collaboration across Oil & Gas UK directorates. Stephen is currently leading the industry participation in the UK’s Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy.

Stephen has over 10 years’ experience in stakeholder engagement and has worked internationally for much of his career. Before joining Oil & Gas UK, Stephen worked for the UK government’s Department for Education. Previous to that he spent five years heading up the communications department of a pan-European scientific organisation based in Barcelona.

Stephen holds a BA and MA from the University of Oxford and is currently completing his MBA at Imperial College, London.

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