Objective: elements for enhanced oil and gas production

The Danish oil and gas market’s importance to the Danish service industry in relation to creating new jobs and maintaining existing jobs, and the possibility of creating an export potential. A strong home market is a necessary starting-point for new jobs, which can drive export.

Independence of import of oil and gas from other countries creates a strong foundation for the community in general.

The Norwegian market comprises models, where partnerships are initiated at a component and technology level and where the common denominator is to develop solutions, which create cost and production optimization to the oil companies and a potential export market to the service industry.

brodbak bund


In 2009 Steen Brødbæk was appointed President & CEO of Semco Maritime, which headquartered in Esbjerg has approx. 1,900 employees. He joined Semco Maritime from Arvid Nilsson A/S, where he held the position of Group Executive Officer/Managing Director.

Steen Brødbæk started his career in the ABB Group, where his last position was Group Vice President of Telecommunications. His educational background is a B.Sc.E and a number of high-level leadership training courses e.g. from DIEU and IMD Business School.

Furthermore Steen Brødbæk is a member of the Board of Directors of DI Energi.

Steen Brødbæk is married and has two children of 17 and 20 years.