Will be to first introduce the Wintershall company as a relative newcommer to Denmark and share some of the experience collected thus far in Denmark exploring and preparing a development of a Danish prospect.

brink bund


Gilbert van den Brink started his professional oil and gas career with Shell in Brunei Darussalam in 1985. He returned to the Netherlands in 1993 and worked for a small operator before finally joining Wintershall in 2002.

He held various positions in operations ranging from drilling, well services to production positions. In 2005 he moved to the UK to become part of an Underground Gas Storage project for a daughter company of Wintershall. He returned to the Netherlands in 2008 as Managing Director of Wintershall Nederland and Wintershall Noordzee, the latter being the operator company of some 23 offshore facilities, one onshore treatment station and an Offshore pipeline.
From 2009 till 2011, he also held the position of Chairman of NOGEPA, the Dutch Oil and Gas Association for producers.

Gilbert praesentation
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