Objective: Innovation and research — Keys to enhanced oil and gas production

Anders Bjarklev will give a brief talk about the perspectives of world-class university research and education with regard to petroleum science. He will address the needs for increased research and development, and more qualified engineers.

Bjarklev bund


Anders Overgaard Bjarklev was born 2 July 1961 in Roskilde, Denmark. He is M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, (thesis on optical communication, 1985), Ph.D from DTU (thesis on optical fibre characterization, 1988) and Doctor technices (Dr.Techn.) from DTU (thesis on optical fibre amplifiers in 1995).

He has been employed at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, since 1985 and was appointed Professor in Optical Waveguides at Research Center COM in 1999. In April 2001 he became Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. In March 2004 he was appointed Director of COM-DTU (now DTU Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering), DTU and from September 1. 2010, Anders Bjarklev has been Provost of DTU. As of 1 November 2011 he is appointed President of DTU.

Anders Bjarklev serves as a referee on several international journals, and he has been supervising more than 35 Ph.D projects and more than 60 M.Sc thesis projects. He is author and co-author of 2 books (the latest published in September 2003), more than 155 international journal articles, and more than 200 articles in international conference proceedings. Anders Bjarklev’s research interests are within the areas of Dielectric optical waveguides, Rare-earth-doped waveguide components, Fibre amplifiers and laser sources, Optical communication systems, Planar waveguide structures, Electromagnetic Field theory, and Photonic crystal waveguides. In 1999 Anders Bjarklev became a co-founder of the company Crystal Fibre A/S. Anders Bjarklev is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.