The oil and gas sector contributes significant value for the Danish society. The sector contributes with taxes worth DKK 25-30 billion annually, and we account for 9 per cent of the country’s total exports.

Investments in the North Sea should be financially worthwhile. We want to promote framework conditions that encourage continued investment in the recovery of oil and gas in the North Sea. Framework conditions that support and inspire innovation and technology development. We want to work for providing a sufficient workforce of qualified young people with the right competences, and for framework conditions that ensure continuously appropriate regulation of health safety and environment.

In Oil Gas Denmark, we will work together to find the answers to a number of questions.

How can the sector optimise development of technology and innovation? How can the sector increase the recovery rate? How about secondary and tertiary recovery methods? What can we learn from other countries? How can we optimise the exploitation of older fields? Brown Field? Is it possible to extract shale gas in Denmark? And how do we optimise and further develop our good cooperation with the authorities?

  • Oil Gas Denmark will work for stable and incentivising regulatory framework conditions for the oil and gas production industry in Denmark.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will work for an increased knowledge of the sector and its value contribution for society.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will enhance the dialogue with authorities, legislators and the sector’s stakeholders.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will represent the sector’s views in the EU in cooperation with other European organisations.
  • Oil Gas Denmark is to be the forum where the sector can discuss the common challenges we are facing if we are to realise the potential of the Danish subsoil.