The production of oil and gas in the North Sea is the core of a service and supplier industry that, in terms of number of employees, is much larger than the oil companies. For each single job in the oil companies, there are eight jobs in the sector’s more than 250 suppliers and service companies.

As a consequence of the particularly challenging nature of the North Sea, Danish suppliers and service companies have developed considerable competitiveness. The fact is that recovery is technically becoming increasingly difficult, and with the increasing competition from abroad, the companies in the sector are under continuous pressure to optimise their business.

How can we work together to enhance the development of suppliers and service companies? How do we further develop and train the technicians of the sector so that we improve competitiveness? How can we overcome the export barriers for suppliers and service companies to be able to enhance their use of Danish competences abroad? What does it take to establish joint promotion of Danish competences – and who should be involved in this process?

  • Oil Gas Denmark will work towards uniting member companies in an effort to coordinate education and training.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will work on encouraging new business opportunities in the Danish market as well as internationally, including joint international campaigns, possibly in cooperation with other organisations whenever relevant.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will work for developing the conditions for the suppliers and the service sector’s competitiveness, nationally and internationally.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will establish relevant networks for the employees of the sector.
  • Oil Gas Denmark is to be the forum where the sector can discuss the common challenges that the supplier and service companies are facing.