1. Objective
The main purpose of the Workgroup is to develop and maintain an OGD Cargo Handling guideline to ensure safe and efficient process. The guideline should cover the process from vendor to arrival offshore and backload. It should be based on North Sea best practices and consider local practices and experience.

2. Mandate
The Cargo Handling Workgroup shall:
– Appoint a Chairman
– Prepare a project execution plan including OGD budgets.
– Organize Cargo Handling forum meetings where learnings and technological developments can be discussed with representation from the entire process chain and ensure a common understanding and approach to safe cargo operations
– Identify and discuss changes to legislation and industry standards that effects the process, and inform members of changes and implications

3. Organisation of work
The Cargo Handling Workgroup is organized and facilitated by Oil Gas Denmark and representatives from members of Oil Gas Denmark. The Cargo Handling Workgroup will work in accordance with the objective under the governance of the OGD HSE Committee via the OGD HS Subcommittee. The Workgroup shall be constituted with relevant experts from members of Oil Gas Denmark.

The representatives in OGD Cargo Handling Workgroup are currently:
– Jesper Sjørvad, Oil Gas Denmark
– Mike George, Hess
– Dann Lockdahl, DONG
– Torben Hennebjerg, Maersk
– Kim Beyer, BWS
– Allan Mørup, DANBOR
– Vendor 1, Tbn
– Vendor 2, Tbn

4. Who can attend and who to get involved 
All members of Oil Gas Denmark can nominate candidates for OGD Cargo Handling Workgroup. Appointment of members to OGD Cargo Handling Workgroup must be approved by the Chairman. All members of Oil Gas Denmark can participate in the forum meetings.

5. Resources
The resources in OGD Cargo Handling Workgroup are based on the voluntary work from members of Oil Gas Denmark. Financial resources are to be approved by HSE committee.

6. Frequency of meeting
OGD Cargo Handling Workgroup plan to meet four times a year and OGD Cargo Handling forum scheduled to meet twice a year.