Health, safety and environment are key priorities in the oil and gas sector. The companies in the Danish oil and gas sector work systematically with HSE, but there is still room for improvement. For the Danish sector as a whole, increased cooperation between member companies will be the factor that can further enhance the efforts by the companies.

Which approaches are needed to increase personal safety and process safety? How about global challenges (pandemics)? Can the sector enhance its capabilities for handling oil spill? How does the sector handle increasing HSE costs most efficiently without compromising safety? How do we make sure that the sector handles the EU safety requirements most efficiently?

  • Oil Gas Denmark will be the forum for the coordination of safety procedures, knowledge sharing and establishment of standards in order to provide further improvement of health, safety and environment.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will take initiatives to encourage personal safety and process safety in close cooperation between oil companies and suppliers.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will continue to work with Task Force Zero, including the hosting of the annual safety conference.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will work with decision-makers in Denmark and the EU to ensure the best possible regulation of the sector.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will collect data, knowledge and best practice regarding safety in the sector, including common oil spill preparedness, HSE compliance and work aimed at improving HSE in the sector.
  • Oil Gas Denmark is to be the forum where the sector can discuss the common challenges of HSE managers.