While the rest of the labour market is under pressure during the current recession and unemployment is high, the oil and gas sector on the contrary has difficulties recruiting employees with the right qualifications. The challenge applies to recruiting a wide range of skills, ranging from geologists to engineers as well as skilled workers. “Relatively few young people choose scientific and technical studies.”

How can we reverse this trend? How do we avoid that the shortage of qualified labour makes it expensive and challenging for the businesses in the sector? How do we avoid that the economic growth of the business is impeded in the long term if we do not succeed in increasing the supply of employees with the right qualifications? How do we improve the image of the sector?

  • Oil Gas Denmark will, in cooperation with other stakeholders, work for creating an interest in the scientific and technical studies, and for improving the image of the sector so that we appear as an attractive career path.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will conduct a dialogue with authorities, legislators and educational institutions to ensure the future supply of the right competences.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will work towards giving students a realistic picture of the future of the oil business.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will share experiences and best practices as regards recruitment.
  • Oil Gas Denmark will, in cooperation with educational institutions and companies, work for strengthening the qualifications of the existing workforce.
  • Oil Gas Denmark is to be the forum where the sector can discuss the common challenges of HR managers.