The oil and gas industry is seen as a proactive and standard setting industry when it comes to safety. Is this an illusion and has the industry been relying on this for too long?

In realizing that the human factor still plays a vital part in having a proactive safety culture, are we at all measuring the right things? What are the right performance indicators and what are the leading indicators we can link to the human element?

If we as a growth industry wish to stay proactive and further improve our safety performance while at the same time we are facing more regulation where safety culture is a key measuring point – we need to grow the safety culture from within! Can we learn from other industries who have realised that safety comes from within?

Welcome to the annual offshore safety conference.

2014 conference line-up

Session 1: Outside inspiration
– Mark Gallagher, F1 Executive
– Emma Head, Head of Safety Culture Change, Network Rail, UK

Session 2: Current benchmarks
– Benedikt Lammerding, SHE Supervisor, ExxonMobil
– Stig Stellberg, Leadership and Compliance Manager, Statoil

Session 3: Need for improvement
– Ben Ring, VP Denmark, Upstream International, Shell
– Tom Knode, HSE Director for HSE Standards and Performance, Halliburton

Session 4: Safety comes from within
– Professor Ivan Robertson, Robertson Cooper
– Dr. Dominic Cooper, B-Safe Management Solutions Inc.

Workshop: Health and well-being (and how leadership behaviours and culture impacts on it)
– Ivan Robertson, Dr. Dominic Cooper & Dr. Tim Marsh