The offshore industry has its own Award – the Offshore Safety Award. Each year an award is being given to a person as well as to a company on the criteria of having worked professionally in achieving lasting changes within safety offshore. In April 2014 the Offshore Safety Award changes hands not only to a new person and to a company, it will also change hands to the trade organisation Oil Gas Denmark which has become the natural forum for the work on offshore safety.

“The Offshore Safety Award is an initiative created by a group of members in the context of creating a general focus on the effort of increasing safety in the offshore industry, and our part of the task has now been fulfilled. is a knowledge and innovation network, so now that the Offshore Safety Award has been presented a couple of times and has positioned itself, we find it natural to hand over the prize to Oil Gas Denmark which is the trade organisation for the oil and gas industry”, says acting CEO Morten Basse Jensen,

“The offshore industry employs several people under severe weather conditions on platforms and vessels. Nevertheless accidents in the offshore industry are very rare. We are convinced that by letting Oil Gas Denmark manage the Safety Award, they will continue the effort for a high level of safety in the industry, which we will support in the best possible way”, says acting CEO Morten Basse Jensen,

The Safety Award is presented for the third time in connection with the Annual Offshore Safety Conference 10 April 2014 where the official hand over to Oil Gas Denmark will take place.

“Oil Gas Denmark is proud to manage the Offshore Safety Award. We are looking forward to further develop the award in the future. I can already now reveal that in connection with the Safety Conference, we will be organising a special Offshore Safety Award Dinner at the Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre. We do this to provide the highest possible attention to safety, to pay tribute to the nominated and finally the winners. Safety is and will always be the oil industry’s “license to operate” says Managing Director Martin Næsby, Oil Gas Denmark.

The Offshore Safety Award will from 2014 be presented as two prizes. One is presented to a person who has made an extraordinary effort for the safety in the oil and gas industry. The award is a sculpture created by the artist Niels Rahbæk, 10.000 DKK and a diploma. The second award is a diploma awarded by the industry, to a company, which has demonstrated exemplary commitment and contributed to safety.

Please read more on where criteria for nomination etc. can be seen.

The safety award is sponsored by SHELL