Oil Gas Denmark’s work with BREXIT mitigation has been continuously discussed with the Danish government, North Sea NOIAs and IOGP. As the agreement between EU and UK was pending an approval in the British Parliament the preparations for UK leaving was very much pending whether the agreement was approved by the parliament, which effectually would postpone the leave or if UK would leave the EU in a so called hard Brexit. Following the general election in UK in 2019 the Brexit deal was approved and now awaits trade agreements to be concluded.

NOIA Safety Training Committee

All the North Sea countries have recognized the benefits in having a mutual recognition of safety courses between the continental shelfs. It is especially beneficial for the supplier companies and organizations as they can send their employees out on offshore installations wherever on the North Sea using only one course certificate.

NOIA Safety Training Committee is constantly working on alignment of safety training standards and evaluating which requirements to be complied with prior going offshore the North Sea continental shelfs. There is a constant focus on ensuring that training in the various North Sea countries is both safe and effective. The NOIA Training Committee is reviewing a mutual recognition scheme of safety training courses between the North Sea countries once a year or when required and an updated scheme can always be found on OGD Homepage.

Recent relevant developments related to e.g. equipment and legislation are also dealt with.