The North Sea Strategy set out to increase the potential of the North Sea, mainly through exploration and technology development, and to reduce barriers preventing fulfilling the North Sea’s potential, mainly through optimized use of infrastructure, reduction of cost and securing a qualified work force.

The aspirations expressed in the Strategy were translated into 25 projects, 11 of which were in the technology realm. On this basis, the OGD Technical Committee was established with the general purpose of increasing collaboration in technical areas and the specific purpose of having a forum where progress on the technology projects could be shared and discussed.

The Committee has four members from oil & gas companies, three from the supplier community, a representative of DHRTC, a representative of GEUS and a representative from EIC (Energy Innovation Cluster). With regard to the latter, the Technical Committee will be responsible for nominating relevant oil and gas topics for EIC’s work.

The Technical Committee meets five times a year. If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please contact Esben Mortensen on

Members of committee

  • Total
  • EIC
  • GEUS
  • Hess
  • NSF
  • Rambøll Energy
  • Semco Maritime
  • Welltec