Does it really make good business sense moving beyond processes and systems? Does better safety really mean better business performance? What does it take to embody leadership that shifts mindsets of over 5,500 staff, contractors, and subcontractors – operating in harsh technical, commercial and financial environments – driven by a historically influenced hierarchy
culture – dominated by strong command and control, ‘semi-macho’ and blame behaviour styles across its leaders?

For the past 3 years, this has been the focus of Rudolph Driessen´s life, transitioning the safety leadership culture in Salym Petroleum Development, operating in Western Siberia. Leading and sponsoring this journey has had a profound impact on me as a business leader and person, and I believe we all have similar experiences and learning. By sharing these impact-points, let us all create truly Incident and Injury-Free ® environments where ‘Care for People’ translates to safety, as well as business efficiency and performance.

You can download Rudolph Driessen´s presentation here.