Lars Bangert Struwe is Secretary-General of Danish Atlantic Treaty Association and holds a Ph.D in History. He has previsouly worked for Denmark´s Defense Ministry, the Danish Defense, the National Archives of Denmark and University of Copenhagen.

He has worked with international relations and security politics through the last 20 years.

Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller has been the ambassador of Denmark to serveral countries in South East Asia and Oceania, and he is currently Visiting Senior Research Fellow at ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore.

Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller holds a degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen.

Trine Villumsen Berling is Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen´s Center for Advanced Security Theory. She focuses on energy security in her research and studies the scandinavian countries´ perspectives on self-sufficiency with energy from the angle of expert and national cultures.

Trine Villumsen Berling holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from University of Copenhagen.

Energy politics are changing markedly as new and old players compete for market shares and political influence. In this session Secretary General of the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association Lars Bangert Struwe discuss the geopolitical and geostrategic changes from a historical perspective. He focuses on the changing role of Russia in the energy market and its implications for European and global security architecture. Further, Former Ambassador Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller addresses the current changes with a special focus on oil and gas. The role of the USA and Russia are particularly interesting in this regard. Associate Professor Trine Villumsen Berling adds a bottom-up perspective on different national security perspectives by discussing the thorny issue of energy self-sufficiency versus the climate change agenda to diversify and go green, and leaving nation states to juggle short-term security threats and the long-term climate issues.