Description of OGD Office HSE Group

The purpose of establishing an OGD Office HSE Group is to strengthen collaboration among the OGD members by having a network for personnel who are working with work environment for office staff in the upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

The aim is to work continuously towards a healthy workplace in back-offices across the oil and gas companies, service industry and supplier companies/organizations.

The OGD Office HSE Group shall share knowledge and experience in HSE topics, such as but not limited to legislation, workplace assessments, safety rounds, safety campaigns, mental and physical work environment.

Furthermore, the OGD Office HSE Group will work with training in e.g. Safety behavior, campaigns, compliance with legislation, Nudging, APV, stress management, physical activity at the workplace.

Frequency of meeting
The OGD Office HSE Group will meet ordinarily four times a year. Members will facilitate the locations and OGD will arrange and facilitate the meetings.

Who can join the OGD Office HSE Group?
All members of OGD can nominate candidates for the OGD Office HSE Group.

Nomination of candidates can be addressed to Oil Gas Denmark: