IOGP’s EU Committee

Oil Gas Denmark has through the EU committee represented its members interests on an ongoing basis and enabled Oil Gas Denmark to establish official Danish positions within the EU political framework.

IOGP Safety Committee

Twice a year, IOGP Safety Committee conducts meetings with HSE representatives from the oil and gas upstream operators from all over the world and OGD is very much engaged. By active participation, OGD has achieved influence knowledge, lessons learned and been an active part of initiating new IOGP HSE collaborations. OGD has benefited by having a directly influence on the development of e.g. guidelines and benefited by having easy access to existing guidelines. IOGP has also proved to be an inspiring forum in which contacts to relevant stakeholders in the international HSE matters constantly are being established and maintained.

IOGP´s Communications Committee

Oil Gas Denmark’s participation in the IOGP Communication Committee serves the purpose of working towards alignment of key messages. The oil and gas industry is transnational and to a high degree dependent on EU politics and therefore coinciding messages are to some extent necessary.