Christian Ibsen is Director of CONCITO. He holds a degree in Economics with a focus on environmental economy, and he worked with the enviornment and climate through many years. He was involved in the preparation of COP15 in Copenhagen i 2009, and he has also been responsible for climate adaptation in Frederiksberg munipality in Greater Copenhagen.

Christian Ibsen has been the director of CONCITO since 2014.

Stine Grenaa Jensen is Head of Gas System Development at Energinet. She oversees the development of the gas transmission system in Denmark and the role that the system can play in the future as a medium for energy storage.

Troels Ranis is Director of Danish Energy Industries Federation, which is a federation under Confederation of Danish Industry. The federation represents over 400 Danish companies that work with energy.

Troels Ranis has been the director of Danish Energy Industries Federation since 2014 and has worked at Danish Energy Industries Federation since 2008.

Martin Peter Næsby is Managing Director of Oil Gas Denmark. He has been responsible for the set up and leadership of Oil Gas Denmark.

Martin has joined several management training programs at among other IMD, Switzerland. He has a law degree from University of Copenhagen and has studied law in Bonn, Germany. Before entering the oil and gas sector he worked for a number of years with the law firm Bech-Bruun, Copenhagen specializing in reconstruction.

This is a high-level debate which outlines the role of various energy sources into the energy transition and specific discussions of pros and cons for each of them to map what role the oil and gas will take in the transition while taking the perspectives from job creation, welfare contribution, energy security and national security into account.