In Denmark the aim is to develop our oil and gas resources in a sustainable way in order to secure that oil and gas have a natural role in the transition into low carbon society/future.

The Danish Continental Shelf primarily consists of mature oil and gas installations which challenge the environmental performance, while at the same time the demand for a more environmentally friendly oil and gas production will increase. Operating mature oil and gas installations requires an increased use of substances and challenge the industry into developing new production methods, using new substances with the overall aim of reducing the environmental impact.

The industry has over the years shown that the environmental impact is decreasing generally, and the overall environmental status is good in the parts of the Danish North Sea where oil and gas production is taking place. It is Oil Gas Denmark´s aim to support the changing demands from society to continuously become as environmentally friendly as possible.

Members of the committee

  • RAMBØLL Energy
  • RAMBØLL Gruppen
  • TotalEnergies
  • COWI
  • HESS