Objective: New standards in a post-Macondo world

Ulrik Ramsing CfL Center for Leadership has developed a leadership development program consisting of elements which are pre-requisites for company representatives who in addition to their professional, technical skills also need to possess non- technical interpersonal skills in order to manage and co-operate with their counterparts for contracted operations.


Ulrik Ramsing is a senior consultant and executive advisor at CfL Danish Center for Leadership. Ulrik works as a development catalyst, guiding leaders and organizations along unusual paths towards greater purpose and productivity, often employing rather unusual methods ranging from board games and social media to large-scale near-site simulations.
As an international consultant, Ulrik have helped make leadership both exciting, efficient and safe by focusing on the Leadership TAO – taking Time, making Agreements and being Observant, which is also the framework for his most recent book “Unplugged – your path to authentic leadership”.

After six years in the US working with mission critical installations in the material handling industry, Ulrik Ramsing returned to Denmark in 2006, focusing on strategy, innovation and team performance.

In recent years the interpersonal experiences have been leveraged by energy and offshore companies towards developing and delivering the Affective Safety Leadership needed in complex, high-risk real time decisions.