Objective: New standards in a post-Macondo world

Maersk Training Center was asked to develop a training program for drilling crews – something that was never done before because training of drillers was seen as a requirement to pass an individual test. But Maersk Drilling need drillers who can work in teams and therefore also need to test their competences as team members.

Maersk Training Center now has a state-of-the-art drilling rig simulator where drill crew from all Maersk Drilling rigs can train and develop their competences to handle demanding situations with their own colleagues. As a consequence of incidents in 2009, DONG E&P recognized that their company representatives were probably highly competent in regards of their technical expertise. However in order to advise and lead effectively also other skills were required.


Tonny M. Møller Graduating from Svendborg Navigation School in 1988, he sailed deep sea vessels before joining the Offshore Support fleet in 1994. Tonny’s first command as a captain was on Maersk Achiever, an anchor handler and construction vessels equipped with Dynamic Positioning system.

In 1998 a shore posting as Cable Superintendent with responsibility for starting Maersk’s cable vessel department brought Tonny ashore. Tonny was used by the Maersk training centre, putting his experience into developing the DP courses. This lead to teaching and a full time post with Maersk Training in 2000.

The growing maritime department needed a chief instructor and Tonny was appointed in 2004 and in 2010 as Operations Manager with overall responsibility for training at Maersk Training, Svendborg. As project manager for Maersk Training’s development of the simulator facility for more than 10 years Tonny have insight, knowledge and experience in using simulation for technical training and behaviour change.
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