Dialogue and transparency are fundamental

What kind of values do you think should be the foundation for the creation and maintenance of a high safety performance offshore?

Dialogue and transparency are key values. These values are fundamental in creating and maintaining a high safety performance offshore. Dialogue and transparency between employers and employees and between different companies are fundamental when learning from incidents and from each other.  The challenges in offshore safety are changing over time. Dialogue and transparency combined with recognition of vulnerability are the basis elements for the innovation needed to continuously improve offshore safety. In the future, where we expect to see new operators in the Danish part of the North Sea, these values will be essential. Oil Gas Denmark and the industry should not only see new operators as competitors, but also as opportunities to further improve offshore safety. I expect the top management to lead the way in taking on this responsibility in continuous dedication to offshore safety.

What do you expect from the oil and gas industry in relation to safety, especially in the current low price market?

I expect safety to be an integrated part of doing business regardless of the current oil price. I also expect that the industry recognizes its responsibility towards stakeholders in order to maintain social license to operate.  The challenge for the industry in a low price market is to continuously develop technology and approaches that improves both business and safety –thinking of safety from a holistic perspective involving everyone from desktop to deck plate. And remembering that safety is not a cost – it is an investment. I am glad to note that Oil Gas Denmark proactively has decided to share this approach with other industries.

How do you see the authority role in the future regulation of the oil and gas industry?

The Danish offshore safety authority will continuously seek to maximize the safety outcome of its activities in an open dialogue with the industry. The authority role will develop as the business develops. Looking into a future with new operators in the Danish part of the North Sea, the Danish authority must ensure at least two things: even more transparent procedures and an even more risk based approach.  The authority will continue the open and honest dialogue with both existing and coming operators – both in its daily inspection activities, on a more bi-lateral basis, and via the tri-partite Offshore Safety Council which delivers a continuous and much appreciated effort in improving the legislative framework for offshore safety on the Danish continental shelf.