At TFZ 2019 the audience engaged together with the presenters and representatives from the industry in the experience of growing our safety leadership.

It was done through crowd sourcing of questions from the audience.

Word clouding
As further ways of us engaging together, there was an open poll in which words and key takeaways was submitted. The word cloud was live during the entire conference and used as a supplement in the engagement sessions.

Three conference engagement sessions were based on the submitted questions and the word cloud. These sessions can be viewed below.

Michael Borrell, Lisbeth Holberg, Charlie Morecraft and Flemming Horn Nielsen engaged with audience in this session

Steen Brødbæk, Erik Roesen Larsen, Jean Pariès and Jakob Thomasen
engaged with audience in this session

Patrick Gilly, Brendan Hall, Jesper Høj-Hansen and Florian Peters
engaged with audience in this session