TFZ 2019: Better, Leaner, Cheaper … and SAFER!

The annual safety award ceremony was followed by deep dives into the aftermath of accidents where AKT Productions Ltd.  recreated the piper alfa accident, which was followed by “Remember Charlie” in which Charlie Morecraft shared the consequences after being burnt in a serious accident. These moving presentations set the scene of the conference.

Insights into how structures create culture, was presented by Andrew Hopkins, professor at Australian National University who based his talk on experiences from the Columbia space shuttle accident.  Later, Jean Pariès, Professor at DEDALE SAS, presented how optimization strategies affect the ability to handle the unexpected.

The conference also showcased stories from Total, and DEA in which their safety journeys and personal experiences with safety was shared.

As a former oil business executive with now almost three years at the side-lines of the industry, Jakob Thomasen reflected on what is next in the safety of the oil industry. Jakob’s views were fueled by his 32 years in the oil industry as well as a solid engagement in other businesses over the last few years.

As an outsider to the industry, Brendan Hall shared the ‘lightbulb moments’ his team had during their journey into uncertainty on the world’s oceans and the lessons they learned.

Throughout the day, several sessions were held where the audience engaged with speakers and industry representatives and submitted words into a common word cloud which can be seen below.

All conference proceedings can be watched and further investigated now. Below, you can find a short highlight from the conference presenting main takeaway and participant reactions.