Download our 2015 Annual Report 

The oil price continued to fall in 2015. The effect on the
global oil and gas industry at large has been profound and
this also applies to the Danish oil and gas industry. The oil
companies have struggled with reduced income and increasing
cost of maintenance and production cost on top
of issues related to ageing facilities and difficult fields. The
supplier industry has been caught in a downward spiral
of reductions of new orders and demands for reduced
prices for ongoing and new work. Unfortunately, in all
camps reductions in work force has been the inescapable
consequence. It is with regret that we see skilled employees
leaving the industry.

At the same time and throughout the year, our dialogue
with the Danish Government on a long term strategy for
the North Sea has continued with large resources put
into the work by authorities, oil companies and supplier
companies alike. Oil Gas Denmark has continued its
role as facilitator and driver of the processes with limited
external resources. The strategy work has required not
only dedication but also – and in particular – a substantial
effort from our members, including participation in a
large number of meetings, providing of data, discussions,
report writing etc.

It is expected that the report will be released in 2016.
I would like to thank all members for their contributions
and continued support to the process. Especially I would
like to commend the large number of companies which
have – despite the difficult times – allocated key personnel
to the Committees and work groups.
Consolidation of Oil Gas Denmark has been secured in
2015 as the General Assembly approved alignment of
procedures and Articles of Association. It is with great
satisfaction that this work has been finalized with a good
and operational result. It has from the very beginning of
Oil Gas Denmark been our ambition to be the trusted
voice of the Danish oil and gas sector, promoting understanding
and recognition of the sector’s role in the Danish
society. This ambition is being fulfilled with the consolidation.