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The drop in the oil price in 2014 represented -and represents a major challenge for the Danish and international oil and gas industry. This decline in the oil price in combination with ageing facilities, decline in production as well as high operating costs has proven a major challenge leading to industry focus on cost efficiency and operational efficiency. But 2014 also gave us three significant initiatives: the Danish Energy Agency’s 7th Round, opening of the Danish Hydrocarbon Technology Research Centre at Danish Technical University and launching of the Long Term Strategy for the oil and gas industry in Denmark.

Oil Gas Denmark represents a forum where the industry’s effort of developing the sector can be joined. We
were glad to see that the Terms of Reference, issued by the Danish Government, in 2014 included Oil Gas Denmark to appoint participants in the Long Term Strategy work. We will work very hard and dedicated to succeed with the Government of finalizing the Long Term Strategy for the benefit of Denmark and the Danish oil and gas industry. That is Oil Gas Denmark’s vision: to create value for society and the industry!

Following the liquidation end of 2013 of ‘Danish Operators’ and ‘Danish Offshore Industry’ as well as transfer of all members to Oil Gas Denmark, 2014 was the first full year of operation for Oil Gas Denmark as the continuing, consolidated oil and gas industry organization. During 2014, we have in many ways achieved our goals of becoming the trusted voice of the Danish oil and gas sector; promoting understanding and recognition of the sector’s role in the Danish society.

Our membership base has been maintained and improved in spite of the current business environment for
the oil and gas industry. Thus, the membership base has grown significantly since the startup of Oil Gas Denmark. We are working in close collaboration with our members to develop and represent sector views, optimise business opportunities, develop and support new initiatives to strengthen HSE, and strive to enhance value creation for the sector and society.

The Task Force Zero Conference in April 2014 with the main theme “Safety comes from within” was the 8th and so far largest conference. A specific highlight may well be the inspiring speech by Mark Gallagher who spoke from a Formula 1 executive management perspective on making bold decisions in respect of cooperation on safety in an extremely competitive sports industry. And it has worked. It also inspired a number of participants and it sparked ideas for the collaboration going forward within safety in our industry. The Task Force Zero is now acclaimed as a first class safety leadership conference.

Oil Gas Denmark awarded for the first time our safety awars generously sponsored by Shell as regards the personal safety award, and Roxtec as regards the company safety award. This is a significant signal for the industry.

Another important milestone was achieved as Oil Gas Denmark finalised discussions around the EU Safety Directive in the work group under the Offshore Safety Council. End of 2014, Oil Gas Denmark’s reply was forwarded under the formal hearing. The full implementation is planned to be finalised mid-2015.

At the Annual General Meeting in May, it was endorsed to establish an Oil Gas Denmark office in Esbjerg. The purpose will not only be to secure our presence in Esbjerg, but also to strengthen HSE collaboration in the industry as well as secure implementation of OPITO as the safety training standard in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Thereby, as cost and time efficient tool has been introduced in Denmark as part of our work toward a seamless working industry across borders in the North Sea.

In October, the second Annual Oil & Gas Summit was held with very good participation from members, academia, the press, authorities and others. We thank everyone for participating, and hope you left with an impression of relevant debates, and that the many points of view will be an inspiration to you.

Oil Gas Denmark relies on your support, input and advice. WE continuously seek to work for the benefit of our members – as a member-focused oil and gas industry organization.

We look forward to working with and for you in 2015.

Martin Næsby
Managing director
Oil Gas Denmark