Conference objective

Denmark needs oil and gas and the North Sea has a significant resource available. The North Sea allows Denmark to stay self-sufficient for years to come and benefit from the resulting tax revenues, jobs and independency of energy imports.

Energy consumption is growing fast around the world despite it becoming more energy efficient. This rising demand for energy is also powered by new sources of commercial green energy. These changes also effect Denmark. In the long-lasting green transition, all forms of energy will be needed and the global need for oil and gas is until 2050 projected to fall only marginally – but likely never disappear.

Denmark’s political goal is to become fossil independent by 2050. In this transition period, it is possible for Denmark to prolong its oil and gas independency, uphold thousands of jobs and retain an industry that is a net contributor to the welfare society if the right measures are put in place for the oil and gas industry. At the Oil and Gas Summit, we will discuss the value of self-sufficiency, jobs creation/retainment, welfare contribution and energy security.