The criterias for being selected have been  

  • Intervened in an unsafe condition 
  • By observation improved a safety issue 
  • Inspired/motivated colleagues to increased safety focus 
  • Improved safety collaboration by sharing knowledge and lessons learned 

Nomination of the Dan F – Walk to Work campaign: 
The “Dan F Walk to Work Campaign” is nominated for the Safety Award 2021 for the outstanding safety performance of over 200 workers delivering 176,884 man-hours of maintenance activity with ZERO recordable incidents (0 TRC and 0 LTI).  

Nomination of the Tyra West Team for rescuing a person with cardiac arrest:   
The contractor team on Tyra West is nominated for doing all the right things, when one of their colleagues got a heart attack on the Tyra West platform on a windy and rainy morning just after the morning coffee.

Nomination of Frede Loll Pedersen the transition of SHE systems from DONG to INEOS
Frede Loll Pedersen, Manager of SHE in Esbjerg is nominated for his tremendous and continuous effort in securing a safe, sound and healthy transition from DONG Energy to INEOS O&G. Frede Loll has inspired our organization to an enhanced focus on safety.