About Oil Gas Denmark

Oil Gas Denmark works to ensure that businesses and society get the most value from the production of oil and gas – with low climate and environmental impact. It is the industry’s “license to operate” that companies continuously work to improve the industry’s climate sustainability, working environment, safety, and cooperation in many various relations.

We represent both the oil companies and operators as well as the suppliers in the Danish oil and gas industry.

About the position

As HSE Expert in Oil Gas Denmark, you will be a central person in the Danish oil and gas upstream industry. You will be responsible for organizing the industry’s common approach to operational, strategic, regulatory, and analytical work in relation to work environment and safety. In addition, you will be responsible for development of the industry’s highly profiled annual Danish Offshore Safety Conference (Task Force Zero) and for our HSE networks and various seminars.

As an HSE Expert, you will also be responsible for arranging OGD HSE related events and facilitate committees and working groups and ensuring a visible and positive presence among our members. You will represent OGD in various external councils and committees and facilitate meetings with authorities, trade unions, international partners, and their cooperation with our members.

You will ensure the best possible framework for a good working environment and common best practices that apply offshore through the development and maintenance of a number of OGD-guidelines, including the responsibility for the basic safety training for offshore personnel on the Danish continental shelf.

The preferred qualifications are:

Relevant education and experience from similar positions. We prioritize that you:

  • are a motivating person with high collaboration skills and that you can build networks at all levels
  • can manage stakeholders and ensure the best solutions to issues for the benefit of relevant members
  • dare to challenge habitual thinking and are able to find useful solutions to complex problems
  • can plan strategic HSE collaboration that can set the HSE agenda across the industry
  • are an experienced advisor, who can formulate proposals for OGD’s Board of Directors and committees
  • can think strategically and at the same time keep an eye on the operational issues and consequences
  • have basic knowledge of HSE elements such as audits, verifications, quality management, etc.
  • are comfortable with English as the working language in writing and speaking
  • have experience from or find interest in organizing larger events

About working in Olie Gas Danmark

The position is located in our office in Copenhagen and Esbjerg where the majority of the HSE collaboration takes place. There will be expected weekly trips to between the offices. This is a position in a dynamic environment with changing working hours and sometimes very short deadlines. Therefore, you must expect a flexible working life.

You will work on ensuring the best possible conditions for the entire Danish oil and gas upstream industry, with considerations for the ongoing green transition. You must have a sharp eye for the political trends in society, upcoming hearings, and new regulations. We have a very strong focus on the industry’s impact on climate and the environment and it is an absolute top priority in everything we do.

You will be working in a political environment with five full-time employees, a number of students and a few seniors, each dealing with various issues. At Olie Gas Danmark, we communicate in a relaxed and friendly tone, and our daily sparring between employees and the industry is necessary for us to create good results which benefit the industry.

Application and employment

Application and CV should be submitted via the link below no later than the 25th of October 2020. If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact, Deputy Managing Director, Esben Mortensen via telephone: +45 2949 4575 or by email: esben.mortensen@oilgasdenmark.dk.

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