The annual Task Force ZERO safety conference has always focused on inspiring leaders to respond in the safest way possible, and especially this year in a very challenging environment. Our psychical environment is no more or less safe because of the current oil price. In safety the choices we make are not based on the business environment; they are based on what we are committed to and what we consider the right things to do. Making a difference in terms of safety is up to you, it’s up to all of us. It always has been.

In the oil and gas industry we enjoy a reputation as one of the world’s safest and that is because of the people we can count on for safety leadership, for doing the right thing for safety and at every level of organizations. People are alive today because of actions you and we have taken. At the same time we all know that we are still on a journey and have a long way to go.

At this the 10th anniversary conference we will be looking at what our industry can learn from others who have faced similar challenges. We will discuss what should be expected from us as an industry and we will investigate different tools, means and convictions necessary to continue and evolve reliable and consistent safety leadership. Sign up here.