At the heart of safety improvement lies human behaviour change. During this presentation Dr Gutierrez will discuss major contributions that psychology is making to the safety management field. We will focus on the influential reward/reinforcement based interventions which have resulted in our modern understanding of behaviour based safety (BBS). We will also look at the role of cognition in our safety management models by discussing values attitudes and beliefs and their important role in safety performance improvement. We will then turn our attention to the social side of safety: the unwritten rules and social norms that guide many of our daily activities as well as those that we undertake at work. Finally a holistic approach which ties all the psychological foundations together will be discussed as the basis for the DuPont Integrated Approach which is currently being implemented across the globe. The practical applications of this approach will be briefly outlined.


Dr. Rod Gutierrez is Global Leader of Culture and Change Management and Principal Psychologist for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. He has been the lead designer of a new approach to safety management, the DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA). This approach takes a holistic view of safety and is founded in the understanding of both behavioural and cognitive psychology models, as well as social, cultural and environmental elements. Dr. Gutierrez is an international leading authority in the fields of safety culture, occupational stress and the management and prevention of psychological injury.

He delivers cultural transformation and human capital management solutions for clients across financial services, construction, mining, a variety of government departments as well as for rail, engineering industries for some of the largest global companies worldwide.

Rod Gutierrez