Delivering outstanding safety performance starts and ends with Safety Leadership. The vast majority of the people at risk in our upstream business are contractors – and a strong partnership between the Operator and its Contractors at all levels is critical to driving good safety outcomes – from CEO down to front line supervisors. Real partnerships are founded in true care for all the people who work for us. A strong partnership sets clear expectations on all parties on what is required to work safely. We have much to improve here – spending more time in the field, and simplifying and standardising requirements – but should we standardise at a local industry level or across Shell globally? How do we balance our Shell experience of safe working with becoming over-prescriptive to our contractors? And do we put the right balance between selecting the safest contractor, with actively managing safety performance and driving improvement together? The presentation will be grounded in personal experiences from both his time as operations manager and now as a HSE leader in Shell.



Fons joined Shell in 1993 as a process engineer with a Masters in Applied Physics from Delft University. In his 21 years in Shell, his experience has spanned the petroleum lifecycle from operations support, exploration & feasibility studies and front-end engineering in UK Central North Sea, through project implementation, commissioning and start-up management in Pearl Gas to Liquids in Qatar to mature asset operations for the Bacton and Den Helder gas plants in Southern North Sea.

In mid-2011 he was appointed Vice President, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development of the Russia/Caspian region and since January 2013 looks after seven countries where Shell actively participates in Joint Ventures including Denmark & Italy, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Brunei. The Shell Upstream Joint Venture portfolio is characterized by variety –in climate (-50ºC to +50ºC), oil and gas, onshore and offshore, cultures, and a mix of mature asset operations and growth through new business, exploration and projects.