Guiding a team of professionals to manage safety in a high risk operational environment requires a distinct set of expertise, skills and commitment of any Safety Leader. But the personal experience of a workplace death in the family adds another dimension to the mission to ensure people leave work even better than when they arrived. Fiona Murfitt combines operational experience in the Oil and Gas industry with a strong academic background in Management, Risk Assessment, Compliance and Auditing. Drawing from her experience and skills in planning, resourcing and implementing of programs to improve operations, Fiona will discuss:

  • Very personal connection to work safety
  • Introducing change in a high risk environment – connecting and aligning between in-house workers and the contracting workforce
  • Building and creating value to deliver on time, to budget and safely.




Masters: Technology and Risk Management, MBA (abridged), BBus (Economics/Marketing/law), Cert Training & Assessment and OHS Auditing
Current role: Group HSSE Manager – Viva Energy Australia (previously Shell Australia Ltd)

Fiona’s career has predominantly focused on working within high-risk operations, with over fifteen years working within the oil and gas industry. She has held positions in Safety (HSSE), Contractor Management and Risk Management and also spent time as Director for Australia, NZ & Pacific Islands for Dupont’s consulting arm helping companies build safer more efficient and reliable operations.

Fiona’s passion around safety, performance and culture change came after a family member – Kevin was killed at work. Kevin was a contractor working on a shutdown at a refinery and the impacts to the family and friends have left a deep impression. As such, being able to influence the improvement of an organization’s performance in a safe and sustainable way holds a deeply personal connection for her.

Fiona has written many articles and papers related to safety, culture and contractor management, most recently as the contributing author to “Contractor safety Management”, the World Safety Organisation’s Educational Award for 2014. She is an active Industry representative and has represented industry on Government tripartite working groups in Australia. Her thesis paper, causal factors of catastrophes in industry focused on learning from incidents. Additional to her formal qualifications, she is a HSSE practitioner in her daily role, is a trained OHS Auditor, is qualified in Root Cause Analysis techniques (TRIPOD, Y tree, Causal learning), and is a HEMP and Bow-tie facilitator and master facilitator in the DuPont Integrated Approach to Safety.

Fiona Murfitt