The oil and gas industry has transformed dramatically over the past several decades in the management of health, safety and environmental performance. The introduction of management systems and more sophisticated risk evaluation tools, complimented by the increased awareness of the imperative of soft skills for leadership have led to unprecedented levels of performance. Along with these changes comes a better understanding of the necessity for a transformation from pure oversight and management of contractors to more of a partnership model. Contractor safety questionnaires were introduced as part of contract award decade ago and have now become more detailed and are being validated through audits. There is still variability in this oversight and the question becomes, what is the most effective means of driving performance with contractors and subcontractors.




Tom Knode is the HSE Director for HSE Standards and Performance for Halliburton. He has been with Halliburton for 25 years, starting as a petrophysicist and then working in as an environmental engineer and HSE manager in different capacities. He worked as a government regulator for 3 years.

Tom has been very active within the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) having co-chaired 5 conferences on HSE and authored and co-authored upwards of 20 publications within SPE and other venues. He served as the Technical Director for SPE from 2008-2011 for HSSE-SR and also chaired the OGP Safety Data Task Force for several years.