Stig Stellberg will be talking about risk management in everyday life in Statoil. How to ensure consistently high performance and reduce variation in the performance level. How to build a more robust organization where precision and quality improves. Describe the generic A standard action pattern in detail. Describe how to train organizations during daily work whit the leader as a trainer of own team.



Stig Stellberg has 37 years of experience from the oil and gas industry, onshore and offshore included the British sector and the gulf of Mexico.For more than 20 year he has been offshore as production operator, production supervisor, production and maintenance superintendent and 13 years as Platform Manager. Had the positions as Operation manager and safety manager Statoil DPN (development and production Norway) . Managed main Leadership and Culture building programs in Hydro and Statoil. Is now the project manager for the Statoil “Compliance & Leadership” program in DPN (Development & Production Norway)