To explore the relationship between safety leadership, employee engagement and safety culture. The available evidence shows the impact of safety leadership on employee safety behaviour can be considerable, as does research showing the beneficial impact of Employee Engagement in the safety improvement process. Deliberately creating a “safety partnership” appears to harness the benefits of both approaches to enhance the prevailing safety culture and promote employee-well being.



Dominic Cooper, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading authorities in Behavioral Safety and Safety Culture.
Dr. Cooper is both a Business Psychologist and a Safety Professional who has implemented safety culture processes internationally for over 20 years. A past Professor at Indiana University, he has written 6 books and over 150 articles on Behavioral Safety, Safety Culture change, and Safety Leadership.
More than an academic, Dr. Cooper has worked shoulder to shoulder, on-site with frontline managers and employees, creating and fine-tuning the most effective Behavioral Safety process available. As the CEO of his professional advising company, BSMS Inc., Dr. Cooper is actively engaged with clients, is a well-known speaker, and is a member of several professional organizations.
Dr. Cooper developed B-Safe®, an award winning Behavioral Safety process, and he co-founded BSMS Inc, an international safety culture advisory firm operating in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe, and the Middle East. His clients consistently achieve world class safety performance.
Dr. Cooper continues to innovate and refine his processes by actively working as an on-site advisor and project manager. He maintains his grounding in real-world safety issues by participating in, and managing, multi-advisor, multi-site projects on Behavioral Safety, Safety Culture improvement, and Safety Leadership.