The Danish government announces a stop for all future exploration and drilling activities onshore and in internal waters in Denmark. The decision is based on estimates showing that there is no potential of significant size. The government will instead give priority to offshore production as it contains a large potential which can support the government’s ambition on reaching the green transition.

“The government has decided that efforts should be concentrated on production from the North Sea. We have a significant 3 billion barrels potential, which can supply Denmark with the oil and gas we need, until 2050. The green transition takes time. Today, wind and sun supply us with about 7 percent of the total gross energy consumption. It takes time to expand RE capacity. During this period we still need energy – primarily oil and gas. It will be a great advantage for Denmark to produce our own resources and benefit from the value, first and foremost taxes and jobs, that come with it. Alternatively, we must rely on importing the energy, we need, from other countries”, says Martin Næsby.

See the entire press release from the Danish Energy Agency