It is fair to say that we with OGD now have a very competent organization with strategic focus, and organizational activities that create value for the industry and society. An organizational player, that is taking responsibility and is being a reliable partner for the industry – and for the authorities.

The key role of Oil Gas Denmark in respect to the Long Term Strategy and the safety training under OPITO implementation are good examples. But also in the public domain, the press, and in our dialogue with authorities and politicians at Christiansborg and at local level, Oil Gas Denmark has raised its voice in a constructive way achieving good results.

If we turn to the key achievements of 2014 I would like to refer to the following:

  1. In April 2014, the ministry for Climate, Energy and Building released the Terms of Reference regarding a Long Term Strategy for the Danish Sector of the North Sea. According to the Terms of Reference, representatives from the oil and gas industry shall be appointed by Oil Gas Denmark to the strategy work. At this point in time Oil Gas Denmark had only been operational for less than two years.

    Oil Gas Denmark is honored to be given such a central role. And we are proud that the industry has proven ready to take the responsibility for this mammoth task. Thus, OGD has – with fairly limited resources – ensured good progress in cooperation with the significant in kind contributions that the industry has been allocating.

    The strategy work continuously involves significant work commitment. We expect the work to be completed in 2015, although significant additional efforts will be required in order to ensure implementation.

    Ever since we initiated the strategy work has Oil Gas Denmark been assuring a strong dialogue with key individuals, such as the Minister for Energy, the Director and Deputy Director from the Danish Energy Agency who has contributed with valuable inputs and buy-ins. We have, furthermore, ensured support from key stakeholders, including political support. And Oil Gas Denmark’s members have also been updated along the way via a series of ‘Strategy Updates’ per e-mail, via council meetings, via personal communication with members and so on.

  2. Oil Gas Denmark has during 2014 been further consolidated.  The buildup of the organization has been finalized, leaving only the planned, further simplification and alignment of procedures and articles of association.

    You may recall that last year, at the General Assembly in May, it was agreed to increase the membership contingent by 10% in order to establish an office in Esbjerg. This decision has now been implemented. The Esbjerg Office is located at DONG’s facilities, who kindly – and without charge for rent – has made an office available. OGD is now operational in Esbjerg with Jesper Sjørvad in our office. With the Esbjerg Office, Oil Gas Denmark will strengthen cooperation particularly in regard to safety and environmental matters, but moreover facilitating the implementation of OPITO as a standard on the Danish Continental Shelf.

  3. By enquiry from the Danish Energy Agency, and after submitting the enquiry to Oil Gas Denmark’s Board of Directors and HSE Committee, the industry has approved that Oil Gas Denmark will take-over the responsibility for offshore safety training. We consider this a significant achievement for the industry. Implementation of OPITO is, however, not straight forward and work is ongoing.
  4. The implementation of EU’s Offshore Safety Directive has happened with a satisfying result. We have achieved significant outcomes in collaboration with Danish Shipowners’ Association, ECSA and IOGP, both with the Danish Energy Agency, and Brussels.

    The work has been carried out in close collaboration with Oil Gas Denmark’s Legal Sub-Committee. Public consultations have been answered by coordinated inputs from Oil Gas Denmark’s members, and timely submitted to the authorities. All main obstacles identified by the HSE – and Legal Committee have been discussed, altered and ultimately agreed upon in a format benefitting of the industry.

    Also, meetings have been held with the Offshore Safety Unit – previously placed under the DEA – and The Danish Working Environment Authority to ensure – and to support – a seamless transfer of authority of the safety responsibility.

  5. In terms of events;

    Last year in April there was the Annual Safety Conference, Task Force Zero at Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre.

    In October we hosted the Oil & Gas Summit, which took place in DR Byen (City) where among others the Minister for Energy, CEOs and other key stakeholders in our industry participated.

    Once again, both events attracted a record high number of participants and with great support from members received positive feedback.

    Last, but not least – in May – Oil Gas Denmark hosted a VIP Dinner Event for executives in our industry with participation from Bjarne Corydon, followed by the General Meeting at Hesselet in Nyborg.

  6. We have together with the communication working group, further developed the communication strategy. Oil Gas Denmark has, on average, been mentioned every second day in Danish Medias, for instance through participation in TV – and radio interviews with TV2 News, TV2 Finance, DR 1, and P1 among others.

Thank you

Troels Albrechtsen