Agnia Grigas is Nonresident Senior Research Fellow at Atlantic Council in Washington D.C. She specialises as an energy and political risk expert with a special focus on the energy and foreign politices of the United States and Eurasia, which includes Europe, Russia, the Baltic States and more. She has over fifteen years of experience from the public and private sectors, and she has authored three critically acclaimed books and often contributes in the media.

Agnia Grigas holds a doctorate in international relations from University of Oxford.


Based on her new critically-acclaimed book The New Geopolitics of Natural Gas (Harvard UP), Agnia Grigas presents the trends in today’s gas and energy markets to uncover the forces transforming the geopolitics. The boom in shale gas production in the United States, the growth of global LNG trade, and the buildup of gas transport infrastructure worldwide have transformed the traditional markets so that natural gas appears to be on the verge of becoming a true global commodity. Traditional suppliers like Russia, whose energy-poor neighbors (including EU states) were dependent upon gas import, are feeling the foundations of the old order shifting. Agnia Grigas examines in her speech how this new reality is rewriting the conventional rules of intercontinental gas and energy trade and realigning strategic relations among the United States, the European Union, Russia, China and beyond.

Agnia Grigas´s presentation can be downloaded here.